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                              Avast Anti-Virus Instructions

Before installing Avast be sure to uninstall any anti-virus program that you may be currently using.

Avast can be found at here.  Click "Download Latest Version" on the right side of the page.  When doing that you will be presented with this caution at the top of your browser if you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to 
your computer. Click here for options..."

Click on "Click here for options" then click "Download File."  In the next window that appears, click 
on "Run" and follow the subsequent directions.

If you're using Firefox as your default browser when you click on "Download Latest Version" another 
window will appear where you will click on "Save File."  After it downloads then double click on the file 
to start the install.

When the installation window opens, remove the checkmark next to "Participate in Avast Community."  Put a checkmark next to "Custom Installation" then choose Typical Installation. DO NOT INSTALL THE GOOGLE STUFF.

After the installation is finished you will hear a female voice saying "Welcome to Avast."  Double click the Avast icon that was placed on your desktop and register the FREE version.  Only submit your name and email address. That will give you a free license for one year.

Click on Settings at the top of the page, then Sounds on the left and take the check mark away from "Enable avast sounds."  Click OK and close the program.

You are now protected against viruses and it will automatically update as required.