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Cell phones are a given today, we just take them for granted.  The younger generation has never lived without them.  The exciting thing is they just keep getting better and better.  iPhone was pretty much "king of the hill" until Samsung came along and offered stiff competition with the Galaxy series.  Some of the world thinks that Apple has fallen behind but they'll have a chance to catch up or step ahead with the unveiling of the iPhone 6 on September 19th.  I'm anxious to see what happens!  Here are the latest rumors.  Also see my Blog!

Updating applications can sometimes be dangerous.  Here's what I mean.  Let's say for example that you get a window after opening an application that says there is a later version.  So you click yes and it takes you to a web site for the update.  Here's where it gets tricky.  You must take your time to determine what download button to click on because other vendors will pay this vendor to put their download button there.  Not illegal, but unethical because if you click on the wrong button you'll download something that you don't want at all.  When you click any download button a small window will appear saying "You have chosen to open:" with the name of the program.  Make sure the name is the description of the program that you want!

Here's a printer tip.  Printer ink is one of the most expensive commodities in the world!  You could buy 2,000 gallons of gasoline for the cost of one gallon of ink!  With that in mind, don't replace an ink cartridge when a window pops up telling you that your ink level is low.  Your printer will print many more pages before the well runs dry.

Speaking of printing, here's something new that will amaze you.  In case your social feeds aren't enough of a platform, you can now take a selfie and print it -- on your sneakers. .Adidas says it's creating mobile apps that will let users make a fashion statement by printing any photo, including Instagram photos, on a pair of shoes. The app will launch for iPhone and Android in August.  Here's the story from CNN.

When an application freezes up, don't throw your arms up.  Right click on the task bar and choose "Task Manager."  In the list of open applications highlight the one that is not responding and click on "End Task."  Now you're back in business.

Did you run CCleaner today?  Make this a habit and your computer will continue to run smoothly!

I'm seeing computers with what I call "PC Fix-it" programs.  It's hard today to visit almost any website without seeing an ad that says "click here for a free PC tune-up" or similar language.  Don't fall for this junk, because if you do you'll end up with lots of problems!  

Are your receiving those pesky telephone calls on your home phone or cell phone?  It's certainly one of  my biggest pet peeves.  The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint at this Website. You can register your home or mobile phone for free.  Register your phone numbers here.

If you call a number for tech support and they ask to take over your computer so they can fix it, tell them no and hang up.  If you say yes, they will connect to your computer and then try to steal private information.  After a few minutes they will tell you that you have major problems and for a fee they will fix them.  This is a scam.  I've actually had customers fall for this and give the person their credit card information.  A couple of customers were taken for $149!  Naturally they had to make a quick trip to the bank, cancel their card and apply for a new one, and then the work isn't over as you have to change card info on all your accounts.  Don't fall for this scam.

One definition of a scam might be "to be deceived."  You can be deceived though without being scamed, and it's called magic.  I love magic, and you'll be absolutely amazed when you watch this!

Now that you've been amazed by magic, I'll show you a video, that for most of you, will put butterflies in your stomach.  I am fearful of heights and this made me sit on the edge of my seat!  Fasten your seat belt.

Apple has just acquired Beats, a headphone manufacturer, for 3 billion dollars.  The company is headed up by Jimmy Lovine who you've seen many times if you watch American Idol.  Was this really a smart move for Apple?  The story from USA Tech.

Do you watch "American Pickers" on TV?  Love that show and we have visited their store in LeClaire, Iowa many times.  In fact it's just up the river a few miles from our old home town.  On our last visit we met Danielle and you can see our picture on my photo site's "People Gallery."   (We're on the bottom row.)

If you're a golf lover, most of the time things are very matter of fact on the golf course, except for the duffer shots.  Some of us have just a few, and some of us spend a lot of time slicing and hooking.  Occasionally the course may offer some surprises other than your bad shots.  Take a look at this video to see "Encounters on the Golf Course." 

Photo Tip of the Month:  Since most everybody is taking pictures with their smart phones, make sure you know all the tricks for taking creative photos.  Spend some time with your phone learning all its features.  Did you know that with your iPhone touching the screen in different places will change the exposure?  If you have a Samsung Galaxy, did you know that after turning  the camera on you can touch the left side of the screen for lots of different effects?  Get more acquainted with your phone for more creative shots!

Check out my personal Photo Site. You'll see over 1,700 pictures in 41 galleries taken from around the world. New photos were added last month to several galleries and you might want to check out the pictures I took of some young dare devils at the skate board park.

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  • Follow guidelines in "Secrets to Safe Computing."
  • Keep your Operating System Updated.
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